Corporate social responsibility of Emons Spedition

17.09.2012 – For Emons, CSR plays an important role. This is underscored by numerous charitable activities, which are documented here in an overview.

September 2012
Emons Erfurt goes on supporting Thüringer Zoopark with a sponsorship of three bison, including the bison bull „Emons“.

May 2012
The Cologne branch supports the VKJ Himmelszelt day nursery in Essen by providing free transportation.

April 2012
The Glauchau/Chemnitz branch makes a donation to “Lions Clubhilfswerk Carl Gottlieb Haubold Chemnitz e.V.”, which backs social projects.

January 2012
Emons Hamburg supports the kids’ football side of Rahlstedter SC in Hamburg with a donation in kind.

December 2011
Wilhelm Könntgen and Rupert Neudeck at the handover of a donation (l-r)Wilhelm Könntgen and Rupert Neudeck at the handover of a donation (l-r) On 14.12.2011, Wilhelm Könntgen, managing director of Emons Spedition, handed Rupert Neudeck, chairman of the Green Helmets, another cheque for €20,000 for the Emons primary school in Kamituga.

After completion and commissioning of the Emons grammar school in Kasika, Emons goes on supporting the Green Helmets’ school projects in Congo.

Juli 2011
Emons Erfurt übernimmt weiterhin die Patenschaft für drei Bisons, darunter der Bisonbulle „Emons“, und unterstützt damit den Thüringer Zoopark. Seit 2008 setzt sich Emons Erfurt regelmäßig für den Thüringer Zoopark ein.

June 2011
The Leipzig branch establishment again provides, free of charge, a truck as stage and removal van for the Michael Jackson benefit event “MJ World Cry Day Leipzig“. The donations collected at the benefit event are passed on to social projects.

Emons supports “Fördergemeinschaft Behinderte Nationalschwimmer der Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.V.“, a German association of national disabled swimmers, with a donation.

The Erfurt branch is involved in a children’s party of the Vieselbach Voluntary Fire Service with a donation in kind.

March 2011
The Himmelkron/Bayreuth branch establishment on several occasions helps the Pechgraben fire brigade with equipment for technical assistance.

February 2011
Emons managers Thomas Lenz, Herbert Putzmann, Ulrich Michalski and Wilhelm Könntgen (l-r) help with the collection. Emons managers Thomas Lenz, Herbert Putzmann, Ulrich Michalski and Wilhelm Könntgen (l-r) help with the collection.Together with the recycling firm Umicore, the Deutsche Herzzentren e.V. (German heart centres) mounts a major collecting scheme for old mobile phones.

Emons employees join in this environment-sparing and social collecting scheme and give customers an opportunity to hand over their old equipment to Emons drivers. In this way, Emons is supporting the early detection and treatment of heart defects in children.

January 2011
With a donation, Emons supports the Kunyumba child care centre in Malawi. This project is handled on an honorary basis by Emons staffer Sarah Kempel among others and shows a commitment for orphans, children with mental and/or physical disabilities and for other hardship cases.

December 2010
Emons Spedition makes a donation on behalf of a further Emons school in Congo.

Emons’ Groß Kienitz/Berlin branch supports the food bank of Bundesverband Deutsche Tafel e.V. with several free full-truck loads of children’s books.

September 2010
Emons Spediton at Weiterstadt/Darmstadt transports animal feed free of charge to the animal charity “Tiere in Not Odenwald e.V.” in Reichelsheim.

February 2010
Emons Spedition makes another donation on behalf of the secondary school Emons-Gymnasium im Kongo (Kasika).

October 2009
Since October 2009, Emons Spedition has been involved in Himmelkron/Bayreuth with free transportation and warehousing services (100 square metres’ storage space) for the “Tafel” food bank.

September 2009
Emons Spedition makes a donation for the secondary school Emons-Gymnasium im Kongo (Kasika).

March 2009
Emons makes a donation to the Children CARE project “Kick-it – choose life” in South Africa.

Emons Himmelkron/Bayreuth assumes one half of the transport costs for relief supplies to Romania, supporting the operation “Hilfe für Rumänien” (Help for Romania) mounted by Stammbach parson Werner Konnert-Stanila.

January 2009
Since January 2009, Emons has provided a scholarship for the orphans Antonio jun. and Jo-Anthony from Bambang (Philippines). The financial support is provided regularly twice a year.

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Ever since the company was set up in 1928, the name Emons has stood for dependable and flexible transport and logistics services. As a medium-sized, independent, family-run company with more than 80 branches in Germany, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine and Belarus, Emons Spedition is an established enterprise in this sector.

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