Emons’ CSR: Managing successfully, acting responsibly

27.07.2010 – Emons’ aim is to systematize its corporate social-responsibility activities in an integrated concept by the end of the year.

Although Emons has been active hitherto in the various CSR fields of environment, social affairs and the economy, these activities were pursued without structuring in a holistic CSR concept. This is set to change: at the start of the year, management commissioned the production of an integrated CSR concept, which is to be completed by year’s end. For this purpose, several interdisciplinary project teams were formed from all corporate divisions.

“What matters is not just higher profits, but also aspects like sustainability, ecological development, involvement of staff members in our family-run business and, not least, responsibility for society,” is how Wilhelm Könntgen, managing director at Emons, describes the motivation for initiating the CSR concept.

The concept is also being draw up with the aim of adding CSR as a central element in our corporate strategy. Within the scope of our corporate goals, the areas environment, social affairs and economy are already being considered, since these subjects were recognized as being important decades ago and implemented in entrepreneurial action. Today, for instance, ecology, staff-oriented human-resources management and sustainable economic activity are all among Emons’ central corporate goals.

Evidence of our social commitment includes, eg, the build-up of the Emons school in Congo, support for the care and leisure scheme “Kick it” in South Africa and college scholarships for the two youngsters Jo and Antonio from the Philippines.

Emons also takes the subject of its employees seriously. Thanks to frank information and inclusion in decision-taking processes throughout all hierarchical levels, Emons employees identify with the company. Training and upskilling measures are in place to go on improving staff qualifications. To promote staff health, our range of services include health days, but also sporting activities. With the Emons runners’ meeting, eg to prepare for this year’s HRS BusinessRun Cologne, and with the annual football tournaments, staff keep fit and are sensitized to the subject of health.

Our ecology stake can be seen, on the one hand, in the proximity of our locations to the combined-transport terminals and, on the other, in combined transports using swap bodies, piggy-back, RoRo transports, and, most recently, complete-trainload link-ups of German seaports to Saxony’s and Thuringia’s hinterland. As reported, we entered green rail-based goods traffic as early as 2006, which logically led to the setting up of our own rail company (Emons Rail Cargo) in early 2010.

About Emons Spedition

Ever since the company was set up in 1928, the name Emons has stood for dependable and flexible transport and logistics services. As a medium-sized, independent, family-run company with more than 80 branches in Germany, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine and Belarus, Emons Spedition is an established enterprise in this sector.

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