Emons – in brief: July 2011

Customs clearance: discontinuation of the IAA Internet-based export declaration as per 1 September 2011
Germany’s Federal Finance Ministry (BMF) has posted information on its website that the Internet export declaration (IAA) will be discontinued as of September 2011. As alternative, the Internet export declaration Plus (IAA-Plus) is available free of charge. The IAA-Plus online portal provides access to the ‘ATLAS’ IT procedure.
Internet source: Internetzollanmeldung (Internet customs declarations)

Freeport Hamburg repealed as per 1 January 2013
In a notification from the customs authority, it was announced that the law repealing Hamburg’s freeport has been passed by the German parliament and will become effective in 2013. From then on, the special arrangements governing free zones will no longer apply. This means that the free zone border and the associated time-consuming checks of no-load transports and through traffic as well as the special monitoring procedures for the storage and treatment of Community goods in the port area are being discontinued.
Internet source: Die Aufhebung der Hamburger Freizone zum 1. Januar 2013 ist beschlossen (Repeal of Hamburg’s free zone as per 1 January 2013 resolved)

Austria: truck toll increased as per 1 January 2011 with further rise expected in 2012
After the increase in toll charges by 1.1% for the year 2011, a further rise could follow for certain routes and times in 2012 due to an EU directive, according to the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ).

Change in Poland’s toll charges leading to higher freight costs
With effect from 01.07.2011, a route-based, digital truck toll variant superseded the previous toll vignette. This change affects all vehicles whose max. permissible weight exceeds 3.5 tons. Under the new toll system, the toll level is calculated according to weight, vehicle and class of road. Here, a distinction is made between class A (autobahns), S (carriageways), GP (main roads with faster traffic) and G (main roads). Poland’s transport industry is already passing on the country’s toll charges, increasing freight costs by an average of about three percent.
Internet source: Informationen zum neuen Mautsystem (Information on new toll system)

Emons Spedition delivered public-viewing screen for UEFA Champions festival in Hyde Park
The Hallbergmoos/Munich branch establishment transported a public-viewing screen for the UEFA Champions festival in London from 21 to 28 May 2011. The screen which, among other things, showed matches from the Festival measured 30 square metres:

UEFA Champions Festival

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Ever since the company was set up in 1928, the name Emons has stood for dependable and flexible transport and logistics services. As a medium-sized, independent, family-run company with more than 80 branches in Germany, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine and Belarus, Emons Spedition is an established enterprise in this sector.

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