This year, too, Emons Spedition is supporting the Green Helmets school in Congo

Emons Spedition - green helmets school Handover of cheque

Handover of cheque in Cologne with Willi Emons, Christiane Bauer, Rupert Neudeck, F.W. Könntgen (l-r)

08.05.2010 – To finance the Green Helmets school in Congo, F.W. Könntgen, managing director of international player Emons Spedition, today handed over a cheque for € 10,000 to Green Helmet Chairman Rupert Neudeck. Also present were Willi Emons, one of the owners of the Cologne-based forwarding and logistics company, and Emons’ personnel manager, Ms Christiane Bauer. With its donation, Emons is continuing its commitment in south Kivu (Congo).

The Emons school started operations in December last year.

Emons Spedition - green helmets school

Neudeck planting a tree at school opening

Since the start of the Grünhelme project in Kasika (south Kivu) in October 2008, a lot has happened. With the energetic support of the vice governor of the south Kivu province, Jean-Claude Kibala, who used to live in Troisdorf, construction of the Emons school started in May 2009 and was completed in December.

On 17 December 2009, the school opened to the cheers of the population, who put on a big celebration. Also present were local dignitaries and others from Mwenga district.

To boost the local economy and support the people on the spot, all building materials were sourced locally and the construction work executed entirely by local workers following instruction from voluntary construction engineers from Germany.

“There’s little use in just transferring money there, since that only has a short-term effect. Any funding should always come with a demand. Hence, one principle of our activity is to offer help for self-help in order to obtain a long-term improvement in the poor situation of the people in the region,” explains Neudeck.

The occasion for building the school was the fact that no further-education establishment existed in the region for the 500 local children and young people. Neudeck reports that parents set great store by education and that children from surrounding townships even put up with a two-hour-long footslog to attend the lessons at the new secondary school.

The following photos show, on the left, the old “school” and, on the right, the newly built Emons school:

Emons Spedition - green helmets school beforeEmons Spedition - green helmets school after

The Green Helmets thank the Cologne forwarding and logistics company, Emons, which is committed to several social projects in the area of youth support, for its generous and effectual start-up donation to get the new-build off the ground last year and for today’s follow-up donation.

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