New Nordic concept: Emons and Swedish Post Office subsidiary HIT join forces

24.08.2006 – Emons Spedition has been cooperating since May 2006 with the Swedish Post Office subsidiary HIT Sverige, thus gaining direct access to one of the largest Nordic networks. Daily system traffic to Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden as well make for reduced transport times to Nordic destinations and mean greater flexibility for customers. This cooperation enables Emons to expand its business activities in the Nordic region.

While the Swedish Post Office is engaged in the letters and parcels segment, the product portfolio of our partner HIT includes the services PALL.ETT, Cargo, In Night (deliveries until seven o´clock) and Split Shipment (parcels). With daily shuttle services, Emons hooks up to HIT´s network, while HIT makes use of Emons´ EUROPA network. In this way, via Emons´ Door-to-Door service, most of Sweden and Denmark can be reached in 48 hours, Norway in 48 to 60 hours, and Finland in 72 to 96 hours.

Geographic focus of HIT´s Nordic network:

The expansion of its business activities gives Emons a bigger share in Scandinavia´s imports and exports. In terms of 2005 gross domestic product and foreign trade with Germany, the following diagrams show GDP, imports and exports Scandinavia-Germany, imports from Germany, exports to Germany.

Emons´ EUROPA network team will be happy to answer any queries you may have on Nordic traffic;
phone: +49 (0)2 21-9 83 51-118

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