Russia transports doing nicely at Emons Spedition

27.07.2010 – In 2009, Emons Spedition was able to post sales revenue of some € 18m with its transport logistics services from Europe to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. This target, reckons management, can be surpassed this year, since positive trends have been noted since last autumn.

In Eastern Europe, Russia the strongest market by far for Emons

Going by the name of Emons East, Emons Spedition has developed a ground-covering network for Eastern Europe. Transports to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are based on two hubs in Bayreuth and Berlin, with a further hub planned in Duisburg or Cologne. At the hubs, general cargo from West, North and Southeast Europe is grouped and transported to Moscow (daily), Minsk (four times a week) or Kiev (twice a week).

In Smolensk, Russia, we also have our own vehicle fleet and equipment. With 10 truck trains of our own, it is easy to cushion seasonal peaks in demand.

Germany-Russia link-up also via RoRo transports

In addition to transports by truck, Emons also organizes RoRo traffic from Hamburg via Lübeck to St. Petersburg. In this case, our subsidiary Emons Multitransport, with locations in Hamburg and St. Petersburg, acts as a control centre, transporting up to 140 trailers a month.

Supply management for production locations in Russia an Emons specialization

Besides pick-up transports from Europe and overseas, all CIS services also include distribution in the destination countries, with imports being handled by cooperation schemes with local customs brokers.

Among Emons’ fields of specialization is supply management for production locations in Russia: specialist teams group the delivered goods in Bayreuth and Berlin, synchronized with production and supported by IT systems, and organize their just-in-time delivery to specified factories and warehousing sites in the destination country.

About Emons Spedition

Ever since the company was set up in 1928, the name Emons has stood for dependable and flexible transport and logistics services. As a medium-sized, independent, family-run company with more than 80 branches in Germany, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine and Belarus, Emons Spedition is an established enterprise in this sector.

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