Emons means business in its responsibility for society, the environment and its staff

14.12.2007 – This year, too, Emons is giving proof of its social commitment: besides participating in various international charity projects, Emons is backing its young talent and the health of its staff. The environmental theme is writ large at Emons: the launch of Emons Rail Cargo this year has put an environmentally-aware combined-transport concept into action.

Emons is serious about its responsibilities toward society

Emons has been engaged, for example, in two charity projects that aim at mitigating social hardship in Africa and Russia. Where the Emons branch establishment in Duisburg supported a children’s relief organization for Africa (Kinder-Hilfswerk für Afrika) in transporting children’s clothes, toys and educational material for an orphanage in Ghana in September, the branch establishments Groß Kienitz and Uhrsleben in October got involved in transporting aid supplies in the MURMANSK2008 project, which supports children’s homes and homes for the disabled, but also hospitals as well as health and advice centres in Murmansk, Russia.

Emons also promotes the health of its staff and young people
Under the motto “Zusammen für den Gesundheitstag” (Together for a health day), the Cologne branch organized a health day in November. This was the occasion for staff to receive a free health check-up from medical professionals. Besides a stress and fitness test, a massage service, too, was available. A team of doctors also established staff members’ cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Special interest among young trainees was aroused by wearing “drunkbuster goggles”, which simulate the effect of 1.5 o/oo alcohol.
Emons Rail Cargo provides environmentally-sound and efficient links
In addition to promoting the health of its employees, Emons is also doing its bit for its young talent. With a training rate (15%) above the market average, Emons is helping ease youngsters’ entry into the world of work. Thanks to this “outstanding commitment to training”, which is part of Emons’ corporate philosophy, the Leipzig branch establishment received an award from Leipzig’s employment office.

The environmental theme, too, is writ large at Emons. This is underscored by the launch of Emons Rail Cargo in May: a “logistics company with a green combined-transport concept” (visavis.de), Emons was a founding member of Kombiverkehr GmbH & Co. KG in 1969 already, so that it started backing environment-sparing transport systems at an early date. This commitment was confirmed in 2006 by the accreditation of its quality and environmental management systems. In order to meet ecological and economic requirements, Emons has set up a container-train link Hamburg-Leipzig-Dresden (and back). Emons Rail Cargo trains run five times a week in both directions and reach Hamburg’s container terminals within 24 hours. (See also: Emons Rail Cargo – an environment- and cost-aware combined-transport concept)

For the coming years, Emons is planning to further extend its charitable commitment in sensible aid projects at both national and international level, and to go on backing its young staff as well as health promotion and environmentally-aware concepts.