Emons participates successfully at “TransRussia” and “transport logistic” events

21.07.2011 – This year’s participations in the “transport logistic” trade show in Munich and Moscow’s “TransRussia” fair generated interesting contacts and many enquiries. Emons discussed the obstacles in Russia’s transport market, eg the issue of visas, with parliamentary state secretary Dr Andreas Scheuer, among others.

Interesting exchanges and enquiries at “TransRussia 2011”

Gunther Adler, Dr Andreas Scheuer, Norbert Tiedemann and Dieter Müller (l-r) talk business.
“TransRussia”, held in Moscow in April, is an international venue for the transport sector. As in previous years, Emons this time around, too, was represented with a fair stand of its own.
Gunther Adler, Dr Andreas Scheuer, Norbert Tiedemann and Dieter Müller (l-r) talk business.

Besides specific enquiries for procurements from Germany and Europe and fact-finding by shippers seeking carriers for exports to Germany and Europe, talks were also held with representatives from Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development.
Taking part in the discussions with head of Emons-East, Dieter Müller, were Dr Andreas Scheuer (parliamentary state secretary/MP), Gunther Adler (head of the Ul 13 department, foreign trade) and Norbert Tiedemann (deputy departmental head for freight traffic and logistics). Thematized were the potentials of the Russian market, local obstacles (eg the issue of visas) and Emons’ Russland-Kerngeschäft (core Russian business). The discussions also focused on how politics can lend a hand here.

Emons Rail Cargo (ERC) presents new concept at “transport logistic” 2011

transport logistic 2011
Besides its participation in the “TransRussia” event, Emons was represented with its subsidiary Emons-Rail-Cargo GmbH at this year’s “transport logistic” fair mounted in Munich in May. The numerous interested visitors to the fair stand were introduced to Emons’ multi-modal Rail Cargo concept created in 2006.

To do justice to current ecological and economic demands, Emons Rail Cargo under this concept had set up its own container train links between the northern ports of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, and Germany’s federal states of Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt. Within the scope of the ERC concept, important economic hubs in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic are linked up to the northern ports via sea-container hinterland traffic and Emons’ ground-covering Transport-Netzwerk Europa (Europe network). The aim is an optimal combination of the traffic carriers ‘ship’, ‘rail’ and ‘truck’.

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