Emons Forwarding & Logistics - Environment & traffic

It is not possible to avoid this impact entirely, but we certainly feel we have a responsibility to keep it as low as possible. As a founding member of Kombiverkehr GmbH & Co. KG, we set the scene for this early on and are actively helping to fill it with life. Through Emons Rail Cargo we supplement our portfolio by a daily container block train between Hamburg, Leipzig and Dresden/Erfurt (vice versa) and offer a direct environmentally sound shifting of traffic flows from road to rail.


  • Good traffic links

    In selecting our branch establishments we set store by good traffic links. The chief criteria are fringe locations close to conurbations and short routes to motorway exits and multimodal terminals. Our new-builds at Erfurt, Chemnitz, Dresden and Leipzig are situated close to the local goods-traffic centres.

  • Avoiding empty runs (deadheads)

    Our multi-tier production, in conjunction with clocked traffic and an intelligent hub system, avoids deadheads. We make use of combined lines wherever the runtimes required by the market permit this.

  • Vehicle fleet

    Our fleet of vehicles is regularly renewed. At present, we mainly use vehicles subject to the Euro 6 standard. The average age of our trucks is below 2 years.

  • Environmentally-friendly procurement

    In procurements, environmentally-sound materials and suppliers are given preference. For instance, paper with the best possible ecological footprint and refill cartridges for printers are sourced, and toner cartridges are collected and recycled. In addition, suppliers from the print and paper area are selected in accordance with the certificates they submit.


We have learned from experience that environment, service and quality are closely linked. Still, a commitment to our environment is also cost-intensive.