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Kurier-Express-Paket (KEP) - Emons Spedition & Logistik
  • Best conditions in the CEP sector
  • Established partnerships with leading service providers
  • One stop shopping concept

Everything arrives as planned: delivered in person, at defined times or based on well-established standards. We support our clients every day with a full range of services in the CEP sector. Such typical consignments and packages are delivered to their destination quickly and safely.

We can offer absolute professionalism and reliability due to many years of collaboration with leading providers of CEP services. Emons dispatches over half-a-million CEP consignments every year to across Europe, including Eastern Europe, showing the continuity and potential of our services.
As a one-stop-shop provider, we can react extremely efficiently and directly. We aim to make it as easy for you as possible, so you can focus on what is most important – your business. Nothing is left to chance, and everything arrives at its destination on time, all present and correct.
We bring your consignments to the desired address in the best possible way.

Full speed ahead for your consignment: Courier – Express – Parcel

  • Emons coordinates and takes the hassle out of haulage. Depending on your requirements, we will transport your consignments via
    • Courier service
    • Express service
    • or parcel service
  • Delivered in person, as quickly as possible or ideally standardised
  • Tracking and verification included

Your valuable goods safely delivered, by courier

If you have a particularly valuable item or an extremely important consignment has to be transported, then the Emons courier service is ideal. Your consignment is personally accompanied at all times, and delivered either on the same day or the following day, if required. Seamless documentation of transportation and delivery come as standard. Our courier service is best suited for transporting valuable items that have to be delivered at short notice.

There is no faster way: Express with Emons

This is part of day-to-day business in many sectors: Urgent consignments or a package should be delivered to a recipient as quickly as possible. Obviously, every minute counts in that scenario. Our network along with leading specialists help keep speed and performance at a high level. Emons-Express services ensure quick, reliable delivery of packages. The time of arrival is stipulated in advance. This means you know exactly when your consignment will arrive at its destination.

Cost-effectiveness is paramount – Emons parcel services

The most cost-effective way of transporting parcels from A to B is the Emons parcel service. Transport procedures and IT processes are ideally coordinated with our systems partners in this segment. We handle your regular parcel volumes according to quantity, covering all areas with optimum efficiency. Minimise the number of ramp contacts in-house by simply giving your consignments to our vehicle when it comes to pick up your goods. Naturally, you can also use our service as a residential customer too.

Your personal contact for CEP services with Emons

  • Specialists for courier, express, and parcel services in all branches
  • Personal contact

Let us handle your daily parcel volumes, courier or express packages. We can organise cost-effective delivery in the shortest possible time. You can rely on that at all times.

At Emons you always speak with the same member of staff. They will reliably look after your courier, express, or parcel deliveries from pick-up to delivery.