Keeping your goods moving

Zoll-Dienste: Verzollung bzw. Zollabwicklung Ihrer Import- und Export-Sendungen - Emons Spedition & Logistik
  • Integrated customs handling service portfolio
  • Certified, networked specialist company
  • Own customs warehouse and transport operations
  • Customs seminars for customers and employee training

Emons is the partner of choice whenever you have issues relating to import or export customs handling, customs declarations or customs management, or are in need of knowledgeable consulting. We keep our knowledge of all currently valid treaties and regulations up to date, so you don’t have to.

Your Emons experts walk you through every step of the process, from customs declarations to customs audits. We handle all your customs processes – regardless of the type of goods. Whether standard customs processes or special procedures, you’re in good hands with us.

As a certified, highly networked specialist, we can transport your goods to their destination reliably and in the minimum possible time. Our experience, and our own customs warehouse, enable us to organize your customs clearance orders – both import and export – completely, from end to end.

Additionally, our own subsidiaries in the areas of air freight, sea cargo, road transport and rail freight ensure that we can offer the flexibility and capability you demand.

We assume the organization of your transports, warehousing of your shipments, customs clearance as well as the clarification of difficult, formal details in customs declarations. Emons Spedition has solutions for all your customs handling issues, whether your goods are moved by land, sea or air. We actively employ our expertise to ensure a problem-free handling of customs formalities for your goods.

Every day, shipping employees are confronted with complicated terms and procedures. The complexities of customs law are often difficult to understand. Emons offers a range of customs seminars to get your employees up to speed.

Your guarantee for creditworthiness, data protection and quality

AEO-Zertifizierungen der Emons Spedition GmbH, Emons-Rail-Cargo GmbH, Emons Air & Sea GmbH und Emons Logistik GmbH
  • The most comprehensive AEO certification, “simplifications in customs law/security” (AEO F)
  • Advantages in customs handling
  • Securing international supply chains

The AEO F certificate for simplification in customs law and security means that our customers can enjoy all the advantages of our status as an Authorized Economic Operator. As a recognized shipping and logistics enterprise, we are your guarantee for security, creditworthiness, data protection and quality. Emons is part of the integrated global supply chain.

This status brings you multiple advantages when it comes to the customs clearance of your goods:

  • Transmission of reduced data records in electronic advance declarations via ATLAS
  • Less frequent goods and document inspections
  • Increased security and punctuality through process optimizations
  • Improved cooperation with customs authorities

Customs expertise for security and economy

  • In-depth customs consulting and process optimization
  • Seminars for your employees

With our Customs Competence Center, we support our customers according to their own individual needs. This includes process optimization for imports and exports as well as the review and approval of corresponding procedures. Our strategic consulting is based on an in-depth analysis of real processes conducted on site at your operation.

To establish smooth processes that hold up over time, we also offer practice-oriented seminars for your staff. These equip the employees you entrust with import and export matters with the specialist competence they need in order to act effectively in all customs matters.

Our Customer Competence Center offers our customers the opportunity to enhance their expertise even further. Whether the aim is to outsource import and export handling partially or completely, the advantages are obvious.

From both customer and feedback and our own experience, we know that outsourcing import and export tasks:

  • Ensures a high level of security and dependability in customs handling
  • Prevents errors in customs clearance
  • Reduces costs while simultaneously increasing flexibility.

Maximum security – with the ATLAS process

ATLAS - Emons Spedition & Logistik
  • ATLAS – the Automated Tariff and Local Customs Clearance System
  • ATLAS and compliance consulting

Security and customs handling have become increasingly important issues in recent years, particularly in relation to EU imports and exports. Since 2009, advance declarations must be submitted electronically using the ATLAS system.

Additionally, since 2001, compliance requirements must be met to help combat terrorism and secure the global supply chain. These can necessitate a shipment inspection by means of a compliance software. If this inspection turns up errors, this could have severe consequences.

To avoid complications from the start, we offer businesses both ATLAS and compliance consulting. This lets you avoid delays in the lead times or inclusion of your company in sanction lists – which can do serious harm to any business.

Your personal contact to your specialist for customs services

  • Expert teams for customs clearance and customs consulting in all branches
  • Personal contact

Our customs clearance teams actively support you in every phase of your supply chain. We provide targeted consulting, in-depth expertise and comprehensive service to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Emons Customs Service is available individually, as a package or a complete solution. Our expert customs handling consulting is available for your questions at all times. Here’s our contact form – get in touch today!