Klaus Kievernagel – 60 years at Emons

On 1 April 2015, Klaus Kievernagel can look forward to a company diamond jubilee, a very rare event in the sector: the 77-year-old has spent his entire professional career with the Emons company and is still an active contributor to the Group. This was indeed an extraordinary progress from apprentice to managing director, spokesman of the management, supervisory board member and finally, supervisory board chairman.

Klaus Kievernagel, born on 18 November 1937, joined Cologne-based Emons Spedition as trainee on 1 April 1955. Following his basic military service, he assumed tasks in admin and accountancy. Aged 24, he was already heading the Ratingen branch establishment. Thanks to his commitment and expertise, he was entrusted, in parallel, with special tasks, like drawing up the balance sheets for other Emons houses and auditing activities. Company owners Peter and Willi Emons soon recognized his skills and, in 1974, brought him into the management in Cologne as assistant. There, he was soon setting new highlights.

Thus, Emons evolved to become an important combined-transport player in Germany. The first IT systems were launched and international activities driven forward by expanding Italy transports and by setting up a separate company in Switzerland. In 1983, Kievernagel was appointed managing director with sole power of representation. When Peter Emons withdrew from the management in 1988, he then headed Emons as its spokesman until the year 2000.

Kievernagel was always an exacting boss, demanding a lot of himself and of his staff. His business partners appreciated his discipline, his frankness in talks and his knowledge. Though tough in negotiations, this was associated with fairness and dependability. In addition to his activities at Emons, Kievernagel also held various honorary posts. Hence, for many years he was board member of Landesverband Spedition und Logistik Nordrhein (North Rhine-Westphalian association of forwarders and logistics companies), chairman of the combined-transport expert committee and member of BSL’s executive board in Bonn. As member of the law and insurance committee, he crucially helped shape Germany’s transport-law reform.

Later, he was deputy chairman of the administrative board for combined transport and chaired the working group on foreign transports. In addition, he was active as a delegate of Kravag, an insurance company, and honorary judge at the Cologne social court. He was pivotal in designing the seamless transition in 2000 to his successor, Herbert Putzmann who, together with Ulrich Michalski and Thorsten Heuser, make up today’s management in the medium-sized and group-independent logistics company that is Emons. Ever since, the shareholders have been able to secure the know-how of the entrepreneur, an honored name in the world of forwarding, by appointing Kievernagel to Emons’s supervisory board, which he has chaired since October 2010.

Today, Emons operates more than 80 locations in Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and in Ukraine, and is among the sector’s firmly established enterprises.

About Emons Spedition

Ever since the company was set up in 1928, the name Emons has stood for dependable and flexible transport and logistics services. As a medium-sized, independent, family-run company with more than 100 branches in Germany, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Georgia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Taiwan, the UAE, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine, the USA and Belarus, Emons Spedition is an established enterprise in this sector.

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