Dependability and performance

Netzwerk Deutschland - Emons Spedition & Logistik

  • established in the market since 1928
  • independent and flexible
  • 58 locations in Germany, 106 worldwide

Since it was founded in 1928, the name Emons Spedition has stood for dependable and reliable service. In providing our customers with excellent service, the Emons team has been able to prove this time and time again. Emons offers a range of flexible services, which take economic efficiency and business goals, as well as environmental protection into account.
Emons Spedition can quite rightly claim to be one of the few medium-sized, private logistic networks in Germany. At Emons, offering quality and performance are a priority.
The Emons transport and logistics network functions independently and utilises its own equipment as well as its own drivers. This manpower, the company’s vehicle fleet and properties, enable us to achieve optimal flexibility. Our customers benefit from this in a number of ways.


In 57 Locations in Germany


Systemverkehre - Emons Spedition & Logistik

Our shipping service is based on a transport and logistics network which consists of 58 Emons branches in Germany alone. Our experience and competence enables us to optimise the transportation of your goods, and provide solutions for your logistics needs.

Optimal structure and system


Beschaffung - Emons Spedition & Logistik

  • comprehensive network
  • sophisticated cargo systems
  • 330 lines running each day

Our comprehensive national network is the basis for our efficient cargo system. Your goods will therefore be transported using direct or cross-over freighting solutions which make use of C745 swap bodies of various types: trunks, double-stack cars or other units.

The processes and solutions combined are determined by your logistics needs. Possible backlogs are avoided thanks to our multi-layer production and an intelligent hub-structure.
Each day, around 250 lines operate, providing overnight transportation. This enables us to make the best possible use of existing capacities.


What the Emons system offers you:

  • comprehensive distribution
  • services provided on a specific date and time with ordering options: before 12 pm / before 10 am / before 8 am

These products are managed via computer systems making it possible to provide ongoing information regarding critical points in the delivery process as part of our standard service. We ensure that you are kept constantly up-to-date.

In the right place at the right time


Teil- und Komplettladungen - Emons Spedition & Logistik

  • transfer of products across our network
  • both in Germany and internationally
  • correct quantities delivered at the correct time

We do of course, also make use of our Emons network to meet procurement needs. Our services also include the clocked scheduled delivery of materials or goods to your company locations. Our high level of performance makes us a reliable partner for the fulfilment of your procurement-related logistics needs. If so desired, we are able collect your orders from anywhere in Germany, and your imports from anywhere in Europe, Eastern Europe or worldwide.

You can thus make use of our just-in-time service, which enables collection times to be coordinated with your suppliers and production times. We provide our experience, professional equipment and know-how. We are therefore your shipping service in Germany for all procurement-related logistics needs.

Emons direct – as flexible as you need


Kombiverkehre - Emons Spedition & Logistik

  • Partial and Full Truck Loads
  • courier and direct transportation
  • whether planned long in advance, or required at short notice

The section of our company, Emons direct, has its own fleet of vehicles, swap bodies, articulated trailers and mega trailers. This ensures flexible, as well as clocked scheduled transportation throughout Germany. Our service is rounded off by the provision of permanent subcontractors and charter transport.

Emons direct covers the market for long-term full truck loads which can be planned far in advance, as well as the short-term spot market. The high level of performance and competence of our employees means we are able to efficiently complete operations.

Effectively combining transport solutions


Emons Spedition Deutschland


  • promotion of environmentally friendly transport chains
  • flexibility for the good of the environment

Setting its own high standards for operations, Emons is a founding member of the Kombiverkehr GmbH & Co. KG. As a provider of shipping services, we addressed the issue of keeping levels of environmental pollution as low as possible early on.

By combining transport solutions, including rail solutions, transportation is ecological and future-orientated. For many years, Emons Spedition has made use of the most environmentally friendly transport systems available when providing both national and international, partial and full load transportation services.

Emons branches are located in close proximity to the Kombiverkehr terminals. By using over 1,000 swap bodies, we have the flexibility to integrate rail transportation into the delivery process at any point.

Emons Rail Cargo – integrates our own container train connections between sea ports in Northern Germany and the Federal states of Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt with ship, rail and lorry solutions. Emons direct also makes use of environmentally friendly, intermodal PTL and FTL transport solutions.

Container trucking


Containertrucking - Emons Spedition & Logistik

  • transportation of containers for production and return to a sea port
  • time and sector specific

Our company Emons Air & Sea in Hamburg distributes your containers to desired locations within Germany. In addition, we are able to return containers, on a specific date and time, to sea ports in Hamburg.

Emons Rail Cargo is responsible for organising the processes before and after delivery of your container according to flexible time requirements, as well as for providing clocked scheduled delivery and shuttle services, for sea ports in Northern Germany, as well as for the Federal states of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.

This ensures that your materials and goods are delivered on time and that the transportation flow runs smoothly. Emons delivers containers reliably and punctually.

Personal contact with Emons specialists



  • experts for transport and logistics in all branches
  • personal contacts

Our experts in transport and logistics processes provide you with personal support and advice. We offer our customers comprehensive advice for all Emons services, as well as for all storage capacities offered within our network. Emons guarantees the highest levels of availability and the best network.

Our trained employees are happy to provide solutions for your transportation and logistics needs. Get in touch.